Control System Programming
We have been involved in various commercial projects including small one room conference systems using a keypad to allow single press control of a small projection system with audio. We have programmed large educational systems with multiple classroom systems controlled locally using simple
From a single room media system to a whole house integrated home automation system, we have been involved in many residential projects of all sizes. Along with the typical Audio/Video distribution, including HDMI setup and routing, we have integrated security systems, HVAC systems, Lighting systems, CCTV systems, access control systems, pool/spa control, monitoring systems, lift systems, ventilation systems, weather stations, information management and more. Our systems are designed so that you are never more than a couple presses from any control and the information is displayed clearly.
The GUI is the front line of the control system. We have designed a GUI flow that is easy to use and will not confuse the end user. We believe the GUI should be intuitive enough for anyone to pick it up and start using it with minimal instruction. We have designed basic interfaces and also can work with graphic designers to make custom designs using our flow. A good looking design is important however if it doesn't flow well and it is not intuitive how it looks will become less important. We have seen a lot frustration and confusion from poor GUI flow.
touchpanel interface and also having centralized power user control of all local systems including distribution/control of large media server to deliver centralized training media files through out the system. This includes multi-purpose, divisible rooms which can be setup into several different configurations for which the system will automatically respond and set the GUI's to control the approriate equipment as rooms are setup.
We have become proficient in recovering systems that have been left in a state of disfunction. Whether the project was left incomplete or it has never fully worked, most of the time we can work through the issues and recover the system without the expense of a complete code rewrite.
System Recovery